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Picture of Bengal Cat - BoydsBengals   BoydsBengals
Melody or Joshua Boyd
Member Since: June 2007

Savannah, Georgia

Tel: (912) 202 9750

Email: melodyboyd@boydsbengals.com
Email: joshuaboyd@boydsbengals.com

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  We are a small in-home TICA registered cattery near beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We breed bengal cats with exotic markings, soft pelts and loving personalities. Kittens available year round. Contact us for more information!  
Picture of Bengal Cat - BengalseBest   BengalseBest
Elizabeth Cope
Member Since: July 2016


Tel: (706) 461-1486

Email: adorablebengals@gmail.com


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  Adorable Bengals Cats Breeders is a responsible small home “BENGALS-E-BEST” cattery registered by the TICA located near the Georgia/Alabama line. We are Trusted Local USA Bengal Cats Breeders: Marble Brown, Silver Spotted, Charcoal and Brown Spotted Bengal Cats with Great Personality for adoption  
Picture of Bengal Cat - SpottedGems Cattery   SpottedGems Cattery
Laurie Trommer
Member Since: August 2010


Tel: (404) 819-7406

Email: Spottedgems@aol.com


Kittens Available
  "Sharing our Little Leopard Pride"

Our goal here at Spotted Gems is to raise and nurture beautiful, loving Bengal cats with great personalities. Our family has helped to raise all of our adult Bengals.
Picture of Bengal Cat - Spot On Bengals   Spot On Bengals
Paula Foster
Member Since: May 2016

Dalton, Georgia

Tel: (706) 313-5124

Email: spotonbengals@outlook.com


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Kittens Available
  I am a small in home breeder just 30 miles south of Chattanooga. We do do genetic health testing on all of our adults. All of my kittens are TICA registered with Grand Ch and Champion bloodlines. They are hand raised and socialize with children and other pets. All kittens come with a Vet certificate and health.  

  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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